Kapture Pantry Moth Trap

Kapture Pantry Moth Trap


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Designed to be used in kitchen cupboards, use the adhesive strip to fasten the traps to the desired surface or free standing when folded. Traps are effective against the Indian Meal Moth, Tobacco Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Raisin Moth, and Almond Moth.

A spray alternative solution for pantry moth problem is Sumiblast.

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These moth traps are a patented design mimicking specific pheromones presented as a patch lure on a glue surface, which is used to attract male moths that infest foodstuffs. The trap remains effective for approximately 12 weeks. After this period if moths are still present the trap should be replaced.


1. Peel back the protective paper exposing the glue surface.

2. Remove the pheromone attractant from the packet and place on to the glue.

3. Assemble by folding the trap in half.

4. Place in the kitchen or storage area on a flat surface.

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