10 Rodent Control Tips For Your Place

Although having a rodent infestation is nothing unusual, their presence inside your place can be distressing. Furthermore, rats and mice can cause significant damage to property and are known to carry diseases that could infect both humans and their pets.

Just like other pests, the best rodent control method is prevention – it’s cheaper and easier to do than controlling an already established infestation. But before we get to the tips on how you can ensure rodents don’t get into your home, let’s first take a look at what attracts them in the first place.

What attracts rodents?

There are two reasons why rodents (and other pests) invade your home:

  1. Food. Human dwellings always have plenty of food which makes them very attractive to pests.
  2. Shelter. Your house provides the warmth and protection rodents require to thrive and reproduce.

Top tips on rodent prevention

Here are our top ten tips to help you effectively keep rodents out of your place.

  1. Seal all potential entry points. Rodents can squeeze through the smallest of spaces. Check exterior walls for cracks and crevices and ensure that they are all sealed. Pay close attention to areas where utility pipes and wiring enter the building as gaps may develop over time.
  2. Install door sweeps for doors that open to the outside. Rodents will easily squeeze through the spaces under your doors so ensure you have sweeps installed to cover this gap. Space under the garage door is also quite big and could allow even bigger animals to enter so make sure this is sealed too.
  3. Screen your windows and other vents. Windows provide an easy access point for rodents looking for a place to set up camp. Ensure that all windows that are close to the ground are screened and have no gaps around them. The chimney opening, vents and other openings which open to the outside should also be covered with mesh wire.
  4. Keep your firewood at least 20ft from your house. Firewood and any other clutter placed close to your house provide a good place for rodents to hide. The closer they are to your house, the more likely they are to get an opportunity to sneak in.
  5. Trim tall bushes and tree limbs near your roof. Bushes and tree limbs that could provide a platform for rodents to get to your roof should be trimmed to at least six feet away from your house.
  6. Clean areas where food is prepared, cooked, and/or consumed. Leftovers and crumbs provide nourishment for rodents which encourages them to stick around. Make sure all areas that have food are well cleaned and all food is cleared.
  7. Wash your dishes. Dishes should be washed after every meal or daily. This denies rodents that might sneak in food and gives them a good reason to move on.
  8. Store dry foods, pet food, and food waste in secure containers. Store all the mentioned foods in containers that cannot be accessed by rodents. Also, clear your pets bowl as soon as it’s done eating, don’t leave the food out overnight.
  9. Keep your lawn tidy and food free. Make sure your property is tidy and devoid of food. If you have fruits and vegetables growing here, make sure they are picked as soon as they are ready. Rodents could live inside your home and go out to feed at night.
  10. Avoid clutter inside your house. Rats and mice are skittish in nature which makes cluttered spaces ideal for nesting. Make sure your home is clutter free by keeping things in cabinets, closets, or dressers.

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