A Complete Guide to your Rodent Problems

How to prevent the rodent problem?

Rodents are generally associated with unhygienic spaces and areas. So the first and best step to prevent this problem is to keep your home clean and sanitised as much as possible.

  • Start by cleaning out all rubbish bins indoor & outdoor with disinfectant and hot water.
  • Get rid of all food scraps that have been left out around the house
  • Store all pantry goods and pet food in air tight metal containers. This will prevent the rodents from getting into your food.
  • Remove yard waste. This will discourage them from nesting or finding shelter outside on your property.

source: google images

(If you have fruit trees and nut trees, it is advised to clean up the fallen fruit and nuts to prevent the rodents from eating them and coming back for more.)

  • If you have pets, bring their water & food bowls inside to stop the rodents from eating it and spreading diseases.
  • Keep all spare blankets, rugs, pillows or any similar fabric are kept in a heavy wooden or metal box. This will prevent them from making a nest.
  • Look around the outside of the house for any small openings & cracks that a rat or mouse can get into(approx. 0.6 cm) You can use a combination of Steel Wool and caulks to stop the rodents from chewing their way into the house.

(steel wool, Source: Pestrol AU)

Listed below are the types of materials that rodents can chew through:






Electrical wiring

Water Pipes


Signs and symptoms i.e. do I have a problem?

The most common signs of rodent activity in the home are listed below:

  • Rodent droppings (faeces)
  • Urine odours
  • Gnawed holes in food containers, pantries & cupboards etc.
  • Nesting
  • Scattering/ scurrying sounds within the walls, roof space or floors
  • Unusual pet behaviour

Yes I do, how can I address it myself?

Rats’ sensory organs have the ability to pick up certain chemicals in the environment that affect their behaviour.  Certain smells make them think that there is a possible predator around or there are dangerous chemicals in their environment. Manipulating their sense of smell can make them leave your home.

You can use a cotton ball and soak it in one of the following oils to deter rats and mice away:

  • Peppermint
  • Bergamot
  • Eucalyptus
  • Citronella

That didn’t work, how can your products help me?

Pestrol’s electronic products are specially designed to produce high ultrasonic frequencies that target & attack the rodent’s nervous system.

The high frequency sound creates a very uncomfortable environment for the rodents making it impossible to live their everyday life inside your home.

We also have a range of baits & bait stations as well as traps.

To find out which product will suit your exact requirement, click here>> https://www.lifestylefocus.co.nz/blog/rodent-control-which-product-is-best-for-my-rodent-problem/

Listed below are the products that will repel the rodents from your home:

We have discounted packaged deals which you can have a look here.

Electronic Rodent Control

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro – Goes through walls & ceiling, perfect for Homes/offices

Ultrasonic/Electronic/Ionic technologies, this is a silent device that doesn’t disturb pets, children or elders & works against rats, mice & cockroaches.

Pestrol Impact Ultrasonic Repeller – Perfect for Open spaces up to 200 sq. m

Ultrasonic technology repels rats/mice/cockroaches from the garage/attic/ceiling area.

Pestrol 360 pest Repeller – Perfect for open spaces up to 400 sq. m

Ultrasonic technology repels rats/mice/cockroaches from the garage/warehouse/ceiling area.

Rat Assassin – Electrocutes the rat

This unit electrocutes the rat when it steps on the base plate to take the bait, also has a light indicator on the unit.

Ultrasonic Battery Powered Rodent Repeller – Perfect for places with no mains power availability

Disc shape unit which covers up to 185 sq. m and repels the rats/mice from open spaces

Commercial Rodent Repeller – Perfect for commercial larger spaces up to 800 sq. m

Strong ultrasonic sound waves repel rodents out of your large open properties like warehouses, supermarkets etc.

Vehicle Rodent Repeller – Perfect to repel rodents from your car/campervan

Ultrasonic device which gets attached to your car battery starts working as soon as your car ignition turns off.

Elite Solar Yard Repeller OR Indoor/Outdoor Yard Repeller – Perfect for rats outside house

Ultrasonic soundwaves affect rats and they get repelled from outdoor area.

Rodent Traps

Effective & Humane way of trapping troublesome rodents.

Black Rat Trap,

Silver Rat Trap,

Mice Multi Catch Trap

Snap Rat Trap

Snap Mouse Trap

 Hidden Kill Trap

Poisonous Baits & Stations

Baits & Bait Stations – If you want to kill the rats with poison

Contrac Rodent Bloc 1.8kg & 28g/12 packs : Second generation poison, kill’s rats & mice within 2 hours.

Pindone Rat/Possum pellets 2kg: first grade anti-coagulant, rats/mice have to overdose on it, they die in 6-7 days.

Bait Stations – BY LAW, Baits must only be used in Bait Stations.

Tomcat Mouse Bait Station

 Tomcat LP bait station,

Tomcat rodent station,

Pied piper rat bait station.

I still do not know…HELP!

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