Keep your court pristine!

Artificial Tennis Court surfaces tend to have moss and mould.   But cleaning Tennis Courts just got easier!  Our Spray & Go Turbo gets rid of moss, mould, mildew, lichen, algae and gunge FAST. Perhaps the strongest product on the market that will protect for up to 12 months or more.  Spray and Go Turbo […]

A Complete Guide to your Rodent Problems

How to prevent the rodent problem? Rodents are generally associated with unhygienic spaces and areas. So the first and best step to prevent this problem is to keep your home clean and sanitised as much as possible. Start by cleaning out all rubbish bins indoor & outdoor with disinfectant and hot water. Get rid of […]

Need a Solution for your Rabbit Problem? Look no further!

Most people think of rabbits as fluffy, harmless little creatures. In New Zealand, however, they are a bit of a pest – or at least the wild ones are. Because of this, the country is about to release a deadly virus in an attempt to control the burgeoning population numbers wreaking havoc in open pastures and […]

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