Rat Trap

Humane Rat Traps: Catch And Release

Rats are some of the most annoying animal pests that could set up base in your home. They will not only eat your food but also damage property as they gnaw through your stuff. They also pose a serious fire risk once they start eating off the insulation on your power cables. They cause a […]


Should you deal with pest control yourself?

One of the most important aspects of home maintenance is pest control. As a home owner, you need to inspect both the inside and outside of your home on a regular basis to check for pests which may be making your home their home. Any area of your home that has an opening has the […]

bird repeller

Electronic Pest Control Devices – The Benefits

Electronic pest control is a great approach to dealing with a wide variety of pests. Traditionally, many people have been led to believe that the only way to deal with certain types of pests is with dangerous chemicals, poisons and devices that maim or kill pest animals. Nothing could be farther from the truth, especially […]

Leggy Invaders This Summer!

Great article: .  Just to recap: Pest control specialists are predicting a busy season for insects this summer. The dry conditions and increased temperatures are expected to encourage insect population growth, so do not be surprised to find yourself having to deal with a major insect infestation. Some of the bugs noted to be […]


New Zealand Outdoors Summer Insect Pests

Summer and bugs seem to go together. This is because it’s the time of year when a lot of insects multiply rapidly and invade your space bringing with them havoc and distress. Summer means being outdoors for extended periods but this can become less pleasurable if your outdoor space is invaded by crawling, flying or […]

Pestrol Commercial Bird Repeller 1000

Indoor Pest Control Devices

If you notice a few insects in your home then you might not think anything about it at first. Some people see small signs of insects and do not worry about it at all, but in some cases ignoring the signs can mean you are ignoring an infestation which can lead to issues later on. […]

Do DIY Pest Control Products Really Stack Up Against Professional Pest Control?

Nobody likes to have pests around, they damage your food and property, bite painfully, cause a huge ruckus and generally make your life miserable. And that’s not all, pests also pose a great health risk to both humans and pets as they are capable of spreading diseases. Once pests get into your property, they multiply […]

Rodent Free

What Types of Pest Control Methods are Available to the Average Home Owner?

Most people have been conditioned to believe that every type of pest problem requires a call to a local pest control company. The pest control methods used by companies can include poisons and harsh chemicals that can be toxic and may require you to vacate your home for several long hours. In addition, you will […]

Pestrol Rodent Traps

DIY Pest Control vs. Getting the Professionals In

The first thing that most people do when they do when they see a rodent or a cockroach is to panic and call a pest control company. This, of course, is exactly what the pest control company wants, that is why they are in business, and they will schedule an appointment to come to your […]

pest infestations in your home

Home Insect Control – Tips For Every Home Owner

There are plenty of things that you can do around the home for a variety of insect issues. First of all, if you have a lot of mosquitoes around your home you should investigate your garden and surrounding area nearby. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so if there are plenty of puddles and small containers […]

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