Anchor Damper

Anchor Damper


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Ocean Angler Anchor Damper – Smooth your drift

The Ocean Angler Anchor Damper makes a big difference to your drift speed. It stops jarring and chute collapse. Plus, it makes your fishing chute more efficient and stable. If you’re into drift fishing, the Ocean Angler Anchor Damper will help you catch more fish.

  • Ocean Angler Anchor Damper Features:
  • Sea anchor stabiliser
  • Stops jarring and chute collapse
  • Makes fishing chute more efficient and stable
  • Length: 60cm


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Ocean Angler

Ocean Angler has become a "go to" brand for fishing enthusiasts in NZ. They are behind some of the most popular jigs and lures in the NZ fishing tackle market today. Behind Ocean Angler is Paul Senior, a fishing addict with more than 30 years experience fishing around the Auckland area has come up with new designs that target almost any type of fish. All of their jigs and lures like the Coin Drops, Jitterbug lures, Microjigs and Sliders have been personally tried and tested by their team of fishing enthusiast out in the New Zealand waters - these guys know what they're talking and want you to be successful out on the water.