BEAP Fruit Fly Traps 6/pk

BEAP Fruit Fly Traps 6/pk


BEAP Fruit Fly Traps feature a food-grade, non-toxic luring solution which draws fruit flies into the trap where they can’t escape.

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The Drop-Ins trapping system allows fruit flies to enter the trap but is too narrow for the flies to escape. The package comes with 6 individual fruit fly traps that last up to 30 days each and can be used throughout your home, wherever you might find fruit flies – garbage and recycling area, kitchen, bathroom…anywhere!

This trap can be used indoors and in areas where food is stored and served. This trap is non-toxic and safe for use in all areas of the home including around children and pets.

Once inside the trap the fruit fly eventually touches the liquid attractant and drowns.


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