Delicia Sluggoff Lentils 300g

Delicia Sluggoff Lentils 300g


For the control of snails and slugs in the home garden.

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Delicia Sluggoff Lentils controls slugs and snails both in gardens at home as well as rural areas. Based on the main active ingredient metaldehyde in Sluggoff, enables the product to use less than half of the approved active ingredient content of other commercial products. The flat bait disc allows for both young slugs and snails to chew the product easily as well as the bait being small meaning there is a large number of baits per kg of product. The product requires a low application rate which is ideal for the more rural areas, in conjunction with the bittering agent added to the product for pet safety around the home.

Directions of use:

For gardens and small areas: 0.6g/m2
Scatter the Delicia Sluggoff Lentils evenly over the chosen area evenly.

General Instructions:

Distribute the product evenly over the affected area where the slugs and/or snails are to be found (0.6g/m2) equivalent to approximately 60 Delicia Sluggoff Lentils per square meter. For the best results apply after rain, watering or during damp and humid weather when slugs and snails are most actively seeking food, but when rain is not imminent.

Environmental Impact

Aquatic Ecotoxicant – Do not contaminate streams, rivers or waterways with the chemicals or containers.

1 review for Delicia Sluggoff Lentils 300g

  1. Sarah C. (verified owner)

    Great product!!!

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