Filta Microfibre Cloth – Glass Aqua

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  • #1 Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Suitable for all glass surfaces including windows, mirrors, chrome, glassware, stainless steel and more!
  • Effective cleaning of dirt, grime and soap scum
  • May be used dry, damp or wet
  • No need to use harsh chemicals, can work with just water.

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Filta microfibre cloths have micro pockets that trap dirt particles within the cloth. Microfibre cloths are a unique blend of polyamide and polyester which magnetically attracts and traps even the smallest dust and dirt particles which is why they are so effective at cleaning away dirt, dust, and grime without scratching or streaking. Filta microfibre may be used with or without household chemicals and can work with just water for sparkling clean results.



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Filta cleaning brand have been in business since 1977. They are known as the leading distributor of quality cleaning products in the commercial and industrial vacuum industry in the New Zealand market.