Fish Finger
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Fish Finger


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Fish Fingers get to the bottom fast where the fish are waiting to strike! Although light at just 60g and 80g, the Fish Fingers slender, hydrodynamic shape enables them to plummet, gently.

Other features: The Fish Finger are armed with our well-proven twin-hooked assist rigs incorporating Owner hooks – the best! You’ll find the fish will be all over them – snapper, blue cod, kingfish, trevally, kahawai and so on – resulting in hook-up after hook-up!

Weights: 60g and 80g

Colours: Pink Lumo, Orange Gold, Bruised Banana, Pink Silver, Black Pink and Orange Yellow

Recommended rods: OA Spinder, Bender, and V2 Micro Jig rods.

On-the-water tips: Even though the Fish Finger’s greatest asset is a super-fast descent, it can still pay to lob or gently cast it well up ahead of the boat’s drift direction so it reaches the bottom earlier, enabling a longer yo-yoing session before too much angle is assumed behind the boat to allow an effective lifting and dropping action. Once down, Fish Fingers have an enticing but relatively predictable movement, making them an easy target for the always opportunistic (and sometimes lazy!) snapper. Deadly. Want a kingfish instead? A moderate to high speed mechanical-jigging motion will do the job; start at the bottom or around 10m below where you can see baitfish and/or predator activity on the fish-finder. Unless the action’s happening on the surface, there’s no need to retrieve all the way back – but it can pay to mechanically jig the Fish Finger back up when wanting to redeploy it!


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Ocean Angler

Ocean Angler has become a "go to" brand for fishing enthusiasts in NZ. They are behind some of the most popular jigs and lures in the NZ fishing tackle market today. Behind Ocean Angler is Paul Senior, a fishing addict with more than 30 years experience fishing around the Auckland area has come up with new designs that target almost any type of fish. All of their jigs and lures like the Coin Drops, Jitterbug lures, Microjigs and Sliders have been personally tried and tested by their team of fishing enthusiast out in the New Zealand waters - these guys know what they're talking and want you to be successful out on the water.