Flea Tungsten Jigs
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Flea Tungsten Jigs


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As suggested by its name, the Flea might be tiny, but it’s another OA product currently taking the angling world by storm! Much of the amazing success enjoyed is due to the Flea’s compact size, with the super-heavy tungsten-metal construction producing a lure that’s around a quarter the size of other similarly-weighted jigs. This sees the Flea rocketing down to where you want it to be presented (or cast way out for retrieving) and then staying there, thanks to the heavy, streamlined shape. Interestingly, these tiny lures can be dropped (and detected and eaten!) into depths exceeding 80 metres when conditions are suitable; some of the fish hooked are very impressive, too!

Other features:

  • Japanese assist cord
  • Hand-spliced
  • Top-quality Owner hook.

Weights: 14g, 21g and 28g

Colours: Bruised Banana, Orange Gold, Pink Lumo, Red Chrome, Pure Silver, Anchovy and Ginga

On-the-water tips: Small, jiggling rod lifts will attract bites from all sizes and species of fish, from tiny mackerel, koheru (especially using the 14g size – lethal!) and kahawai, through to decent-sized trevally, tarakihi, cod, and trumpeter, snapper to over 20lb, and even kingfish to 17kg – if you keep the drag to 2kg maximum, are patient, and have a light, whippy rod! Yes, everything bites the Flea, making it great for anglers of all ages with short attention spans. It’s also incredibly versatile: simply cast and retrieve for kahawai and skipjack feeding on small prey items; cast and allow them to sink, then jiggle them back along the bottom like a soft-bait; position them so they are dragged along the bottom or lifted and dropped off the seafloor by the swells, or yo-yo them yourself – again, small jiggling lifts often work best. N.B. Fleas are best fished on 12-16lb fluorocarbon trace and MUST be knotted (ideally with a Rapala/Lefty Kreh Loop knot) to the SOLID RING, not the lure’s wire attachment loop, or failure can result! Trout and salmon like them too – make them the ‘weight’ when using doublefly jigging rigs; you’ll be impressed by how many trout take them instead!



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Ocean Angler has become a "go to" brand for fishing enthusiasts in NZ. They are behind some of the most popular jigs and lures in the NZ fishing tackle market today. Behind Ocean Angler is Paul Senior, a fishing addict with more than 30 years experience fishing around the Auckland area has come up with new designs that target almost any type of fish. All of their jigs and lures like the Coin Drops, Jitterbug lures, Microjigs and Sliders have been personally tried and tested by their team of fishing enthusiast out in the New Zealand waters - these guys know what they're talking and want you to be successful out on the water.