Pestrol Indoor Fly Trap


Get rid of unwanted flies inside your home without the use of chemicals.

Simply plugs in to your power point.

Flies are attracted to the unit and get trapped on the sticky glue board where they die

1 unit covers a small room

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Why choose Indoor Fly Trap?

  • Contains no pesticides, chemicals, fume or spray, and is completely odourless
  • UV light to attract the flies
  • Strong glue-board inside the device kills the flies. 10 glue-boards refills available for $19.90
  • Safe around kids and pets; No high voltage electric, no spark and zapping sounds
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Portable unit, easily carry in your suitcase
  • Perfect for bedroom, office, study room, kitchen, and hotel

Features of Indoor Fly Trap:

HYGIENE & SAFETY: The Pestol Indoor Fly Light Trap attracts flies using its bright UV light, they are then trapped by the strong glue-board located inside the device. No high voltage electric, no spark and zapping sounds, safe to be used in areas with kids and pets.
POWERFUL GLUE-BOARDS: Glue boards are coated with ultra-strong sticky glue, making it impossible for the insects to escape. Each glue board can be easily replaced once full of flies.
EASY TO USE & EASY TO CLEAN: Simply insert a glue-board and plug in the Indoor fly trap, the device is ready for catching flies. Remove the glue board when it is full of flies and other flying insects and replace with a new one, or replace it once per month.
PORTABLE: The compact design is convenient to carry in your suitcase and use anywhere, perfect for bedroom, office, study room, kitchen, and hotel.
NON-TOXIC & ODOUR FREE: Contains no pesticides, chemicals, fume or spray, and is completely odourless. Get rid of all flying insects and bugs with the pure physical method, ensuring it is eco-friendly to your house!

How to get the best results with your Indoor Fly Trap:

  • Make sure you take off the protective sheet from the glue board to ensure that the glue is exposed and ready to catch flies.
  • Placement is hugely important with these fly traps.
  • Ensure that the unit is not placed in a bright area. This will reduce its effectiveness of attracting flies.
  • The fly control product will work best when placed in an area that is not windy or breezy.
  • Monitor your fly glue board to ensure that it hasn’t reached its maximum catching capacity.

indoor fly glue board trap

The above glue board was in use for 2 weeks inside a typical family home.

27cm (L) x 9cm (w) x 6cm (D)

Comes with 1 glue board (lasts approximately 1 month)

Frequently Asked Questions for the Pestrol Indoor Fly Trap(2)

Does the Indoor Fly Trap use chemicals?

The Indoor Fly Trap contains no pesticides, chemicals, fume or spray, and is completely odourless.

How does the Indoor Fly Trap work?

The device plugs into a power point. It uses UV light to attract the flies and has replaceable sticky glue boards to catch flies and other flying insects.

4 reviews for Pestrol Indoor Fly Trap

  1. louise (verified owner)

    Good for moths, but not one fly trapped at all

  2. Garry White (verified owner)

    Lots bigger than we expected.

  3. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    Too early to tell, delivery was great but only plugged in, so no flys yet

  4. Fran (verified owner)

    Simple and easy to use and great for the covered deck area

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