green Assassin 2l
Green Assassin Weed Killer – 2L Concentrate

Green Assassin Weed Killer – 2L Concentrate


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Non-Toxic, Biodegradable solution to weed growth. Ingredients of Green Assassin are based on naturally renewable resources. 

Green Assassin doesn’t spoil the soil.

Get rid of pesky weeds within 90 minutes.

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Why choose Green Assassin?

Proudly made in New Zealand!

  • Organic Weed killer
  • Non-toxic. Leaves no harmful residue in the soil
  • Designed to work everywhere weed grows like garden beds, lawns, driveways, playgrounds, bricks, cobblestones.
  • Works within 90 minutes
  • Biodegradable solution
  • 2 litres of concentrated weed killer makes 30 litres of solution
  • Safe around children and pets

Instructions for use:

  • Shake the container before use
  • In a general garden sprayer, Mix 1 part weed killer solution and 15 parts water or 1:10 for persistent weeds. Its recommended to add water to sprayer first.
  • Spray on foliage so it is thoroughly covered
  • Leave to dry
  • A second application may be required within 7 days to kill any missed vegetation or lingering weeds

Tips and tricks:

  • Most effective during the hottest part of the day. Works best when sprayed on dry surface.
  • It is recommended to add water before adding Green Assassin to your sprayer bottle
  • Carefully spray only on the foliage to be killed
  • Reluctant weeds such as perennials will regrow after treatment and may require a second application
  • Avoid application of weed killer on or around animal feed and any fruits or vegetables bearing plants


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Green Assassin

Green Assassin is a brand that provides non-toxic, biodegradable solution to weed growth. It has ingredients that are based on naturally renewable resources that effectively gets rid of pesky weeds within 90 minutes.