Ocean Angler Coin Drops
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Ocean Angler Coin Drops


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Ocean Angler takes sliding-head lure fishing to the next level with its latest addition, Coin Drops, a range of lures that’s even out-fishing our famously lethal Sliders! Much of this success is due to a radical lead-head shape based on the latest Japanese lure designs, but our version sports concave sides to create the best possible head-action whilst also generating turbulence to make a more enticing lure-skirt motion.

Attract more fish with Ocean Angler’s coin drops. 

  • Coin-shaped head
  • Concave sides to create the best possible head-action whilst also generating turbulence to make a more enticing lure-skirt motion
  • New skirt mixes soft tendrils and tentacles
  • Head slides along the leader
  • Hooks are easier to remove. Skirts can slide our out of the way so they are not damages when remove the hooks with pliers.
  • Ultra sharp assist hooks

Sizes: 60g, 80g, 100g, 140g and 180g

Colours: Pink/Glow White, Orange/Red, Orange/Glow White, Pure Orange, Bruised Banana and Orange/Black.

On-the-water tips: The strong head shakes of big snapper can really bounce the weighted head around on trace material, so the heavier the Coin Drop, the thicker the trace required; two metres of 30-60lb fluorocarbon trace usually does the job nicely. Best fished on the drift, Coin Drops are dropped to the bottom then slowly wound upwards a few metres, before being dropped back down again; a super-slow mechanical jigging retrieve also works well. Bites are generally felt as small taps; a quick wind of the reel handle or a steady uplift of the rod generally works better than a hard strike in response. Some anglers position their Coin Drops to trundle along the seafloor, then place the outfit in a suitably angled rod holder so it hooks fish while they’re doing other things!


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Ocean Angler

Ocean Angler has become a "go to" brand for fishing enthusiasts in NZ. They are behind some of the most popular jigs and lures in the NZ fishing tackle market today. Behind Ocean Angler is Paul Senior, a fishing addict with more than 30 years experience fishing around the Auckland area has come up with new designs that target almost any type of fish. All of their jigs and lures like the Coin Drops, Jitterbug lures, Microjigs and Sliders have been personally tried and tested by their team of fishing enthusiast out in the New Zealand waters - these guys know what they're talking and want you to be successful out on the water.