lightening floor polish
Outlook – Lightening Floor Polish 5 Litre

Outlook – Lightening Floor Polish 5 Litre


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  • High solids content
  • Heavy duty & durable
  • Slip and scuff resistant
  • Levels & dries quickly
  • Low wearing for extended maintenance

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Specialist Floor Polish

Lightening Polish is a heavy duty cross-linked floor polish and sealer. It gives a durable, superior wet look gloss finish and is easy to use. Lightening Polish flows evenly and levels quickly to dry to a lustrous gloss. Subsequent coats apply smoothly without drag, pulling, streaking or clouding. It resists surface scuffs, black heel marks and soil penetration, allowing extended periods between maintenance. Suitable for use where slip resistance is required. Expect an ultra-long wearing finish when used in high speed burnishing programs as well as in conventional maintenance programs. See our ‘how to’ guide in the FAQs below for detail on how to use Lightening Polish.

Features & Benefits

  • High solids content
  • Heavy duty & durable
  • Slip and scuff resistant
  • Levels & dries quickly
  • Low wearing for extended maintenance


How to Guide

Sealing & Polishing

  1. Pour 1 litre of undiluted Lightening Polish into very clean bucket
    Hot Tip: Placing a very clean suitably sized plastic bag inside the bucket can significantly reduce clean-up time.
  2. Soak a very clean Rayon mop or Golden Glove into polish. Repeat 2 or 3 times to ensure mop is well soaked.
    Hot Tip: Polish can be applied directly to a static mop head with loop pile, rather than from a bucket. Tip sparingly directly onto static mop head using a filled 1LTR bottle for greater control.
  3. Spread Lightening Polish thinly and evenly on floor (about same density as wet mopping a floor) in even low-pressure strokes in a backward and forward motion
  4. Apply 3-5 THIN coats. Apply each coat at 90 degrees to the last (in opposite directions, allowing floor to dry thoroughly between coats). This should take approximately 15mins per coat, depending on humidity and temperature. Ensure the mop or applicator is kept damp while floor coats are drying. For an extra special finish buff each dried coat with WHITE pad prior to each new coat.
    Hot Tip: Use a polish dampened tea-towel to go under static mop head, between coats to prevent drying.
    Hot Tip: Never lay more than 5 coats in any 24hr period. Polish has too little time to totally cure.
  5. When finished, wash all mops (including polish mop) out thoroughly in warm water, and allow to thoroughly dry.
  6. Vacuum or static dust mop to remove any final dust from dry floor surface.
  7. Surfaces can be lightly buffed with Red or White pad to finish.


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Outlook brand is known for its advanced floor care and maintenance. Outlook offers a range of concentrated, high-tech commercial flooring products for professional use. They use a high performance polish and pad to protect floors, extending its life while giving a long lasting shine and providing a safe, slip resistant surface.