Outlook - Thunder Strip Floor Stripper
Outlook – Thunder Strip Floor Stripper 5 Litre

Outlook – Thunder Strip Floor Stripper 5 Litre


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  • Safer in use, with low odour
  • Non Ammoniated
  • High strength water based formula
  • Fantastic economy in use

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Specialist Floor Polish Stripper

Thunder-Strip is a specially designed floor polish stripper to remove water based floor finishes and sealers. See the ‘how to’guide in the FAQs below for more detail on how to use Thunder Strip.

Features & Benefits

  • Safer in use, with low odour
  • Non Ammoniated
  • High strength water based formula
  • Fantastic economy in use


How to guide

Stripping Old Polish

  1. Use a dust mop or dust-roll to clean floor of all dry debris, and ensure floor is already clean. Use a scraper to remove any secured debris ie: chewing gum.
  2. Mix 1Part Thunder Strip with 4 parts hot water.
  3. Slosh on floor with cotton mop or watering can.
    Hot Tip: Do not apply stripper solution with a ride–on floor scrubber. This may create a sludgy mess!
  4. Leave 10 minutes to soften old polish.
  5. Rub or scrub built-up old polish with Black or Emerald pad under a Floor Machine.
    Hot Tip: Use hand scouring pad or doodle-bug on build-up in comers and edges, or the red “inner-pad” piece.
    Hot Tip: Using a rag on a shoe may also work well also.
  6. Pick up loosened dirt and old polish with cotton mop or wet-and-dry vacuum. Using a window cleaning blade is also useful to get polish debris out of corner areas.
    Hot Tip: Using a wet and dry vacuum will significantly decrease labour time to clean up.
  7. With clean fresh water and clean cotton mop, rinse off floor.
    Hot Tip: Using hot water assists open the floor surface pores, and adds heat to the floor surface, reducing the dry time prior to adding the first coat of polish.
    Hot Tip: Add vinegar to the hot water (Half a cup (100mls) to 10LTRS) to help ensure the surfaces are pH neutral (pH = 7.0).
  8. Visually check surfaces for any missed spots, and return to step (3) if required.
    Hot Tip: Number of coats on the original floor generally equals the number of times needed to strip the old polish off.
  9. Leave to dry thoroughly.  Spot check surfaces by wetting slightly and touching with Litmus paper to ensure surfaces are pH neutral (pH = 7.0).
  10. Dried floor may be buffed with Red Pad to finish.


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Outlook brand is known for its advanced floor care and maintenance. Outlook offers a range of concentrated, high-tech commercial flooring products for professional use. They use a high performance polish and pad to protect floors, extending its life while giving a long lasting shine and providing a safe, slip resistant surface.