Pestrol 360 Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
Pestrol 360º Outdoor Pest Repeller

Pestrol 360º Outdoor Pest Repeller


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The Pestrol 360° Outdoor Pest Repeller provides a 360-degree protection against invading animals and birds from all directions.


  • USB & Solar charge
  • smart design with PIR sensors
  • two flashing LED lights
  • ultrasonic speakers in each face (15-50kHz frequency)
  • optional audible alarm scarer
  • three faces working independently.
  • waterproof IP44 design
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  • The Repeller provides a 360-degree protection against invading animals and birds from all directions.
  • It has a smart design with PIR sensors, two flashing LED lights and ultrasonic speakers in each face, with the three faces working independently.
  • The PIR sensor can activate to work automatically by flashing the LED lights, emitting an ultrasound and alarm sound.
  • The Repeller works automatically with ultrasound frequency 15-50kHz, once unwanted intruders are detected.
  • Three working modes can be chosen to repel different animals effectively.
  • The Repeller will go into standby mode 10 seconds after the animals leave, so as to keep energy use low.
  • Solar-panel fitted to the top of the unit for recharging in the sun (rechargeable batteries are included)
  • USB connection for charging the unit when there is lack of sunlight for charging the unit (USB cable included)
  • Waterproof IP44 design.



  • Before installation, please charge the repeller under direct sunlight for 12 hours or charge via USB for 4 hours. One of the PIR sensors will turn red when charging.
  • Assemble the poles one by one using the supplied connectors.
  • Turn on the unit by holding down the Power/Blue Light button for 2 seconds. It will go through a self-check mode briefly then the unit is ready to go.
  • Connect the repeller to the pole and push the pole into the ground.


  1. Hold down the power button to turn on the unit.
  2. The repeller will activate if the PIR motion sensor detects animal movement. If there are no animals in the detection area, the repeller will remain on standby mode.
  3. No matter which direction the animal comes from, they will be detected by one of the 3 PIR sensors.
  4. The Repeller will start to work automatically by flashing LED lights, emitting ultrasonic sound (15-50kHz frequency) and an alarm sound. (The alarm sound can be turned off as required)
  5. By default, the blue light and alarm sound is switched on, this can be turned on/off by pressing the respective buttons.a) How to turn off the blue light?
    To turn off the blue light, press the button “Power/Blue Light” once, then the blue light will be turned off. If you want to turn the blue light on again, press the button again. In the evening the blue light can’t be turned off.

    b) How to turn off the alarm sound?
    To turn off the alarm sound, press the button “Sound” once, the alarm sound will be turned off in the next cycle. If you want to turn on the alarm sound again, press the “Sound” button once. Note: When the alarm sound is on, the green indicator light is on and when the alarm sound is off, there is no green indicator light.

  6. Modesa. Alarm/Ultrasonic/LED lights – This mode will deter all animals and birds – Green indicator light is on

    b. Ultrasonic/LED Lights – This mode will deter mainly animals, however birds will be deterred by the bright flashing LED lights – Green indicator light off


  1. Please install the repeller in a sunny location.
  2. If there is not enough sunshine, charge the repeller via the USB cable.
  3. For better results keep the head of the repeller 20 cm above the ground.
  4. Do not cover the PIR sensor, otherwise the repeller will not work.
  5. Keep the repeller away from your children and pets.
  6. The repeller does not work while charging with the USB.


6 reviews for Pestrol 360º Outdoor Pest Repeller

  1. Peter Barwick (verified owner)

    It is really good. Have been alternating it between the garden and the tennis court (to keep rabbits off). Thanks.

  2. Jorge (verified owner)

    Seems to be doing its job, but need to mention that it does make a sound which can be annoying, so may not be appropriate if you have it too close to bedrooms or outdoor living areas. Also the 360 is a great idea, but may not work too well for covering both sides of a hedge.

  3. Bevin Bodmin (verified owner)

    Seems ok but not so good in windy areas

  4. Neville (verified owner)

    working well to date

  5. Martin (verified owner)

  6. bruce (verified owner)

    Using them on airbridges at an airport for starling control and they are working well deterring the birds from nesting.

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