Pestrol Fly Eater Outdoor Fly Trap

Pestrol Fly Eater Outdoor Fly Trap


Fly Eater Fly Trap

  • natural/organic
  • no chemicals
  • high catch rate
  • proven to be successful

Takes the same fly bait as the Predator Fly Trap.

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The Fly Eater Outdoor Fly Trap – is the smaller brother to the Predatour Outdoor Fly Trap. This is an essential item when you live in Australia and this little beauty will quickly and easily rid your designated area of flies.

Simply screw the lid off slightly, which opens a gap between the top and the entry point for the flies. They crawl in to get the bait that is supplied and can’t escape through the specifically designed one way entry system.


  • Made for Australian conditions
  • Made for outdoor use only
  • Totally safe for children and pets – no chemicals, poisons or toxins
  • Proven to successfully attract annoying, disease-spreading flies. You will be amazed at how many flies this trap catches quietly and effectively, making your outdoor living areas more enjoyable for you, your family and animals.

It’s ideal for use around:

  • Larger outdoor areas
  • Ideal for patios
  • BBQ areas
  • Pet areas
  • Stables and anywhere flies are a nuisance.
  • Attracts blowflies, bush flies, house flies.

Natural Organic bait, no chemicals or poisons so that means its safe around your family and your pets.

The natural bait is placed in the plastic chamber and water is added, an attractive scent is released for the surrounding flies. The flies will enter through the top part of the trap, from there they will are stuck and will die in the water / bait mix. The bait will last 3-6 weeks depending on fly infestation and time of the year. When the trap is full, contents can be emptied into a hole in the garden, to become an excellent organic fertilizer.

Suitable for hanging or free-standing.

You will receive 2 x all-natural Fly Eater Fly Bait and 1 x Fly Eater Outdoor Fly Trap.

Each bait will last 3-6 weeks depending on fly infestation and time of the year. When the trap is full, contents can be emptied into a hole in the garden, to become an excellent organic fertilizer.


  • Materials: PP + PC plastic – UV Stabilised
  • Fly Bait – 1pcs @ 50g
  • Net Weight (without water) .450g
  • Product size: 15cm(H) x 8cm(D)

The Fly Eater and the Predator Fly Trap use the same refill baits.


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