Pestrol Terminator Moth Trap

Pestrol Terminator Moth Trap


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The Terminator Moth Trap is a high performing trap that has a high catch rate.

  • Works with Codling Moth & Guava Moth and more.
  • Optional Moth Attractants available

Save your fruit this season

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Why choose Terminator?

  • Coverage: 1500m2
  • Customers love this product as it so effective in catching Mosquitoes.
  • Most effective against common moth, guava moth, codling moth along with mosquitoes, midges, aphids, sand flies, and more
  • 360 degree UV Light to attract moths
  • Comes with an adapter unit to convert power from 240 volts to 12 volts.
  • Powerful fan which creates suction vacuum to suck moths inside where they get trapped and die
  • Attractant comes in separate packets. A single attractant would last 3-4 weeks
  • Large catchment holder easily emptied to collect insects
  • Weatherproof unit, also perfect for camping

How terminator works?

The unit is designed to attract moths & other insects such as mosquitoes, midges etc  :

  • Ultraviolet Light—Moths are attracted to light.
  • Fan—when moths are lured in to the Terminator Light, they will be sucked into the catch container by the vacuum suction where they then get trapped and die.
  • Attractant—We currently have the codling moth lure as an added attractant to the Terminator unit
  • Positioning – You want to setup your Terminator unit next to your problem areas.

Things to note :

  • The Terminator is waterproof and designed to operate outdoors. The Terminator can lure insects within a 1500 m2 area.
  • For best results you want to run the unit about 3 weeks before the problem Moth starts trying to attract your fruit. Then run it 3 weeks after no signs of any moths. However we recommend you run it 24/7.
  • In order for the unit to remain in optimum working order you should clean the unit every few weeks. Moths tend to cover the fans with dust etc and coupled with moisture, the units can get dirty and potentially clogged up quickly so keep the unit clean.


Dimensions: 34 x 24 x 24cm

Weight: 1.10 kg

12 V AC adapter

2.4 Amps down


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