Pure Magic Water Distiller
Pure Magic Counter Top Water Distiller

Pure Magic Counter Top Water Distiller


The most popular Water Distiller in the NZ market

This compact, no installation required Water Distiller is perfect for the home or office!

  • Water purification by steam distillation and carbon filtration effectively removes 99.9% of tap water impurities
  • Distillation effectively removes contaminants such as Bacteria, Dissolved solids, Heavy Metals, Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Giardia, etc
  • Produces clean fresh water that tastes FANTASTIC! This distiller produces approximately 4 litres of distilled water every 4 hours.
  • Made in USA

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Keep your family protected from contamination with your very own Pure Magic Water Distiller.

This distiller uses carbon post filtration along with the steam distillation to effectively remove 99.9 % of impurities which are found in common tap water. This  includes Giardia, Cryptosporidiums and all water impurities including  Nitrates.

Distilling is the most effective fresh water purification technology that is around today.

How Steam Distillers work:
1. Ordinary tap water is boiled into steam killing bacteria, cysts, and viruses that may be present.
2. The steam then rises, leaving behind solids, salts and metals present in the tap water.
3. Steam is then condensed into the stainless steel coil. A inbuilt fan is used to cool the water down.
4. Distilled water then permeates through a coconut shell carbon filter which enhances the quality of the water by absorbing any left over VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
5. The purified drinking water is collected and stored.

The Pure Magic water distiller is engineered around the proven steam distillation process. Combined with carbon filtration, distillation is the water treatment technology that most completely reduces the widest range of contaminants, including biological, organic and inorganic elements. In fact, a quality distillation system provides water that is up to 99.9% free of impurities, including heavy metals, chemicals and microorganisms.

This distiller produces approximately 4 litres of purified water every 4. hours.

NO assembly, installation or hookups necessary.

The contemporary design of the Pure Magic Distiller utilizes a removable boiling tank for easy refills and natural coconut shell carbon post filters.

The Pure Magic uses steam distillation to purify your tap water!

Made in the USA

Water Distillers cannot be refunded once used.

Distiller, Collector/Dispenser Bottle with Spigot and 1 Carbon Filter Cup
Distillate Capacity:
4 litres every 4 hours
Height: 15″ (38 cm)
Depth: 16″ (41 cm)
Width: 9.5″ (24 cm)
Net Weight:
4.5 kgs
120VAC/60Hz 750W
230VAC/50Hz 750WDimensions:



What do you do about replacing the minerals removed?

The minerals that exist in tap water are of an inorganic form and are not beneficial to your system. Minerals that your body needs are in an organic form that you would get from your foods and fresh vegetables.

How big is it… will it fit on my counter?

The counter-top distillers are about the size of a large coffee maker. They will easily fit on a standard counter. The dimensions are

Height: 15″ (38 cm)
Depth: 16″ (41 cm)
Width: 9.5″ (24 cm)

Is it OK to use softened water, since it says not to use salt water?

Yes, the small amount of salt remaining in softened water will not hurt your distiller, in fact using your softened water will make it easier to clean your distiller, because most of the hard minerals have been removed by the softener.

What is the pH of distilled water?

Water produced through steam distillation in combination with carbon filtration is some of the purest water available. Theoretically, pure water should have a neutral pH reading (7.0). But the very purity that should make steam distilled water neutral also makes it very sensitive to the addition of other substances. The near absence of dissolved solids means the smallest amount of any substance will dramatically change the pH of distilled water.

Are the collectors BPA-free?

Yes, the materials are BPA- free

Does it remove everthing… minerals, vitamins, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals?

Tap water is brought to a boil. Steam rises and enters the condensing coil. Cool air is passed across the condenser, converting steam back to pure distilled water. The distilled water then percolates through the coconut shell carbon filter and is collected. The process of steam distillation combined with carbon post filtration effectively removes at least 99% of impurities.

Why do I need to use carbon filters… doesn’t distillation remove everthing? Will it work without the filter?

Yes, it will work without the filter, but the volatile organic compounds found in the water can cause a bad taste, and could be carcinogenic. The post carbon filter will remove the VOC’s from the water and eliminate the bad taste.

How much water does it make?

This distiller produces approximately 4 litres of distilled water every 4 hours.

What materials are the distillers made from… are they BPA-free?

All wetted materials are FDA rated. Boilers are 304 grade stainless steel (4000 and 8800) or a combination of stainless and high temperature polypropylene (9000). Condensing coils are 304 grade stainless steel.

What maintenance is involved?

For optimum performance, you should rinse the boiler after every distillation cycle to remove any loose residue. As deposits build up, use an approved cleaner such as Still Clean Boiler Descaler. The carbon post filter cup should be discarded and replaced every two months or after 200-300 litres of water is processed(whichever comes first), or when undesirable taste/odor is detected.



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