Pestrol Steel Wool Rodent Blocker 10cm x 5m

Pestrol Steel Wool Rodent Blocker 10cm x 5m


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Stainless steel wool acts as a barrier and stops the rodents from getting inside the house. The rodents cannot chew or push through the wool as steel wool expands to fit securely within holes and crevices.

  • No use of chemicals
  • Eco friendly
  • made of stainless steel, hence no rusting.
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Stainless Steel Wool Rodent Block

The coarse stainless steel wool is interwoven with poly fibres that provide the impenetrable solution to stop rats and mice from entering your zone. It’s especially important you mouse-proof any areas where you store, process or use food. Make sure that, in addition to looking for holes in your walls, you also check electrical and plumbing entrances, doors, gutters, vents and chimneys for rodent access. Seal any opening that is larger than one-quarter inch (0.6 centimeters).

Don’t use plastic sheeting, wood, rubber or a screen to close off an area because the mice can gnaw right through it. Steel wool works the best to seal small openings.

The steel fabric Large DIY Kit contains everything you need to mouse and rat proof your house:

  • 10cm x 5-metre roll of steel fabric
  • Shears
  • Sturdy work gloves
  • Installation Instructions

The mesh is tightly woven preventing rodents from getting through any gaps. The product does not rust or decompose. Supplied in a convenient dispensing box.

How to install Steel wool?

  1. Identify all gaps and spaces were rodents maybe entering your building.
  2. Measure the amount/width and space required.
  3. Using sturdy and sharp scissors cut the amount, ensuring it is slightly larger than required.
  4. Firmly place the rodent protection steel wool into place.
  5. Using the flat side of a screwdriver, push the wool into its final resting plac

10cm x 5-metre roll of steel fabric

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    awesome product

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    all went well

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    Not yet used, steamer been in operation…..

  4. Louisa Patterson (verified owner)

    have not tried this yet

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