Viralex® Relief Chest Syrup
Viralex® Relief Chest Syrup

Viralex® Relief Chest Syrup


Day and night formula. Soothes dry, tricky airways and helps clear mucus. Supports immune recovery.

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Good Health Viralex Breathe Epicor Chest Syrup contains a strong combination of natural ingredients, including Ivy Plants and Wild Cherry that have many good health benefits.

Ivy plants are commonly used as a decoration, however has also been used as herbal medicine for hundreds of years. The leaf contains 5-8% saponins and a low content of emetine (an alkaloid). Together, these ingredients help to thin, loosen and clear mucus from the chest and irritated airways.

Wild Cherry bark was one of the most popular and treasured herbs of Native American Tribes. One of its key benefits is that is an effective Cough Suppressant. Due to its astringent, sedative, antispasmodic, and bronchodilator actions, it opens your airways, drys mucus, eases coughing and increases expectoration. It also helps to settle a tight chest and support relaxation, therefore is especially helpful for coughs that make sleeping difficult.

Scientific Research about this Chest Syrup states that not only is supports healthy respiratory, but is can also provide immune support for rapid recovery.


Why do you need Viralex Breathe EpiCor Chest Syrup?

You may have a cough, trouble with breathing, a tight chest or difficulty sleeping.

What is Viralex Breathe EpiCor Chest Syrup?

A powerful mix of natural ingredients to improve and enhance breathing and immunity. It is based on scientific research.

How does Viralex Breathe EpiCor Chest Syrup work?

It provides immunity support,aids rapid recovery, settles a tight chest, helps you relax and have a better nights sleep.