Bee Products

Manuka honey and bee products and supplements are well known for their health-promoting qualities with New Zealand-sourced bee pollen, a natural super food for more energy and vitality.

The Good Health bee product range includes products such as Propolis for immune system support and a natural antioxidant, and Propolis 40 with guaranteed flavonoid levels to strengthen your ability to stay well and maintain a healthy immune system.

Our royal jelly can support cardiovascular health, general health and vitality and our UMF 10+ and 5+ 100% authentic New Zealand Manuka honey has a smooth, delicious taste for optimal digestive health and wellbeing.

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  • Bee pollen
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  • Propolis
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  • Propolis 40 Flavonoids
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  • Royal jelly
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  • UMF® 5+ Manuka Honey
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