Digestion & Detox

Cleanse, detox and improve digestion with our range of supplements for a healthier you. Our milk thistle and liver tonic aid in liver detoxification and can help support skin issues, and Body Cleanse has herbs and nutrients to support detoxing.

We recommend Intesta Cleanse to help support gastrointestinal flora – great for travellers, and Natural Digestions that contains 7 seven different enzymes. Mg-lax is magnesium based for a healthier bowel and Multi Fibre contains supplements that also supports bowel health.

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  • Body cleanse™
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  • Liver Tonic 17500™
  • Mg lax™
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  • Milk Thistle 35
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  • Multi fibre™
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  • Natural digestion™
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  • Probiotics 40 Billion
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