Bed Bugs

Pestrol provides effective bed bug control products and bed bug sprays for New Zealand homes. Bed bugs are parasites which can infest your bed, mattresses and bedding. They feed on your blood at night when you are asleep as they are attracted to your body heat and the carbon dioxide that you exhale when you breathe.

How to choose the right Bed Bug product?

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Need help choosing right product for your Bed Bug problem?

Detect if you have bed bugs :

BuggyBeds – Bed Bug Glue Traps

Attract and detect – early detection for bed bugs at your place. Place BuggyBeds monitors between your mattress and your base. Under couch cushions or couch seats. Check the traps every 4-5 days for any activity and early detection.

Lights out Bed Bug Detector

Simply placing the device under the legs of beds, upholstered furniture, etc. LightsOut™ will intercept bed bugs as they move around in search of you.

Kill Bed Bugs without any use of Chemicals :

Bed Bug Steamer

The temperature at which bed bugs start to die is 50° C and our bed bug steamer goes up to 135° C which is good enough to kill bed bugs as well as their eggs.

Protect your mattresses from bed bugs :

Pestrol Bed bug Mattress Protectors

We have mattress protectors available in King, King Single, Queen, Single, Double sizes. There are 2 variants of all these sizes, width 24cm and width 33cm. If you use a topper with your mattress, you should buy width 33cm.