Bird Repellers

Pestrol provides a wide range of bird repellers which are humane; they do not harm the birds, they simply deter the birds from your property and they will go elsewhere to roost.

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Bird Repellers by LifestyleFocus

How Bird Repellers Work

Bird repelling devices are designed to not harm birds in any way. Instead, they act as a deterrent to scare birds away from your garden, vegetable patch and trees. They are also effective in preventing birds from nesting in your home’s guttering, under the eaves or anywhere else you want to keep them at bay.  Our products work in several ways:

Physical bird repeller

In some cases, a physical barrier is used to prevent birds from gaining access to potential nesting areas in your house. Out in the yard, devices such as water jet repellers have proven to be highly effective in scaring birds away from gardens, without causing any physical harm to the birds.

Sound bird repeller

Sound is another method of scaring birds away and keeping them away. Both sonic and ultra-sonic sound waves are emitted. Birds are repelled by these sound frequencies and will look elsewhere to nest or feed.

Visual bird repellers

Being very visual creatures, certain objects will also scare away birds, much the same way as a scarecrow will frighten off crows.

If you have a problem with birds, there will be an appropriate solution in the LifestyleFocus range.