Bird Spikes

Pestrol provides a wide range of bird spike products which will prevent birds from landing on your roof and external surfaces such as balconies and verandas. Our bird spikes are humane; they do not hurt the bird at all, they simply deter the birds from landing.

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Bird spikes work to repel birds because they simply reduce the amount of area available for a bird to land and nest on. So the birds will look elsewhere to nest and roost.

The benefits of using bird spikes are that they effectively keep birds from landing and roosting on your roof, balconies and outdoor areas. The birds are not harmed these are humane bird repeller products. Also, bird spikes are invisible therefore do not affect the aesthetics of your property, and they’re very easy to install as well as being very durable.

Pestrol’s anti bird spikes come in two varieties: polycarbonate and stainless steel, and they are affixed to your surfaces with a simple to use adhesive.