Pestrol provides a wide range of products to control possums and keep them away. Electronic repellers like elite solar yard repeller and indoor/outdoor animal repeller which produce ultrasonic/sonic sounds, solar water jet repeller to scare possums away with water spray, and spikes to make them uncomfortable physically. We also sell possum pellets which are first-generation poison, possums need to overdose the pellets and they die within 4-10 days.

How to choose the right Possum product?

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Need help choosing right product for your possum problem?

Electronic Devices to repel possums

Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller – Perfect for sun lit areas

Solar powered, Rechargeable battery backup, 25m of detection range, covers a vertical and horizontal angle too, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel possums.

Indoor/Outdoor Animal Repeller – Perfect for areas where there’s not much sunlight

Mains plugin unit, also has a battery backup, 20m of detection range, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel possums.

Solar Water Jet Repeller – Perfect to repel possum with spray of water

Solar powered, rechargeable battery backup, 10m detection range, spurts water in intervals whenever possum is in its range.

Poisonous Bait

Pindone Pellets

A first generation anticoagulant poison cereal based pellet, this is a very cost-effective way to control possums/rats.

Rats will return to the bait station nightly and keep eating till they die. Death occurs 4 to 11 days after bait consumption.

Physical Discomfort to Possums

Pestrol Cat/Possum Spikes

Strong reliable Polypropylene material, can be cut for any purpose, easy to install on roofs, signs, walls, fences, trees, gates, poles, posts, railings.

Pestrol Bendy Cat/Possum Spikes

Clever hinged design allows each strip to follow the contours of a shaped surface such as a beveled top rail of a fence or simply fit to a flat surface.

Stop animals like Cats, Possums, and Birds damaging your garden.

Trap a Possum

Possum Trap

The Pestrol Possum trap is equipped to catch a range of pests including Possums, Cats, Rabbits, Rats.