Rats and mice can very destructive pests, as well as spreading pestilence and diseases. Nobody wants to share their home or business with feral rodents running around.

The Pestrol Range of rodent products includes ultrasonic rodent repellers, rodent protection packages, rodent traps and more.

Rodents will damage your furniture, contaminate and damage your food, keep you up at night with their noise, spread disease, leave droppings and ruin your electrical wiring among other problems.

Having rodent protection in place is essential for a happy healthy home.

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Our Rodent control products include humane rodent repellers, catch-and-release traps, bait, bait stations and sprays. Fast & effective rodent control

Our Pestrol brand has a great range of products to control rodents like rats & mice as they usually live in the home close to food sources. They can be very destructive pests, especially around their nesting areas as well as spreading diseases. You don’t want to be a sharing your home or business with these nasty little critters running around. The Pestrol pest management range of products includes electromagnetic repellers, ultrasonic repellers, rodent protection packages, bait stations, traps, sprays, crack and gap fillers and more.

Some say they are difficult to control but our range of products to control rodents are fast, effective and safe rat and mice control for New Zealand households.

Need help choosing the right product for your rodent problem?

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Electronic Control for Rats & Mice

Pestrol Rodent Free Pro – Goes through walls & ceiling, perfect for Homes/offices

Ultrasonic/Electronic/Ionic technologies. Silent Device, doesn’t disturb pets, children or elders. Works against rats, mice, cockroaches.

Pestrol Sonic Pest Repeller – Perfect for Open spaces up to 200 sq m

Ultrasonic technology repels rats/mice/cockroaches from the garage/attic/ceiling area.

Pestrol 360 pest repeller – Perfect for open spaces up to 400 sq m

Ultrasonic technology repels rats/mice/cockroaches from the garage/warehouse/ceiling area.

Commercial Rat & Mice Repeller – Perfect for commercial larger spaces up to 800 sq m

Strong ultrasonic sound waves repel rats & mice out of your large open properties like warehouses, supermarkets etc.

Ultrasonic Battery Powered Rodent Repeller – Perfect for places with no plug

Disc shape unit which covers up to 185 sq m and repels the rats/mice from open spaces.

Vehicle Rodent Repeller – Perfect to repel rodents from your car/campervan

Ultrasonic device which gets attached to your car battery starts working as soon as your car ignition turns off.

Elite Solar Yard Repeller OR Indoor/Outdoor Yard Repeller – Perfect for rats outside house

Ultrasonic sound waves affect rats and they get repelled from outdoor areas.

Rat Traps & Mice Traps – Catch the rodent and release them outside


Rat & Mice Symptoms + Quick facts

  • Rodent droppings
  • Nesting materials
  • Damaged food packaging
  • Scratching noises
  • Pungent ammonia like smell
  • Gnawing marks on items
  • Rodents breed very quickly
  • They have a set of continuously growing teeth
  • They can squeeze through tiny openings

Pestrol’s Rat and Mice Control Products

  • Ultrasonic rodent repellers
  • Single catch rat and mouse traps
  • Multi-catch rat and mouse traps
  • Vehicle rodent repellers