Mice Traps

Mice can be a big problem, beginning the elimination process upon first sighting is critical to keeping the problem under control. Mouse traps are an effective and traditional way to exterminate mice- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Mouse traps come in various shapes and sizes. At Pestrol, we have different mouse traps for different situations.

Another important thing to remember is using the right food as bait. We all recall the cartoons of mice being cheese fiends, in reality mice prefer nuts, seeds and nut butters- save that feta for something better!

The mouse can be a real nuisance, however, they are easy to catch with Pestrol Mouse Traps. But, make sure to choose the best trap suited for you and to use the right bait.

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  • Provoke-Mouse
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  • Victor®Quick-Kill-Mouse-Trap.
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  • tomcat-live-catch-mouse-trap
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  • Trapper-mini-rex-mouse-trap
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  • victor-live-catch-mouse-trap.
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  • BaitSafe-Dismantled
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