Pestrol 360° Pest Repeller


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High-Intensity Ultrasonic waves and strong LEDs provide 360° coverage and repel all the rodents from large open spaces.

360° Pest Repeller covers around 400 sq.m and you can use it in attics, supermarkets, garage, barns etc.

Rodent Solution for Bedroom/Kitchen – Pestrol Rodent Free Pro.


Why choose the Pestrol 360° pest repeller?

  • Coverage : 400 sq. m
  • 360 pest repeller emits High Intensity Ultrasonic waves of the frequency between 24000-40000Hz
  • Bright LED strobes on all sides of the device
  • 3 different color LEDs change automatically making rats/mice and other pests panic and leave the area
  • Motion detection sensor equipped device.
  • You can place the device in Garages, garden sheds, barn, garage, roof space, dairy sheds, wool sheds, grain storage etc.
  • Effective against Mice, Rats, Pests, Cockroaches, etc

Setting up the pest repeller:

  • Place the unit with an unobstructed view of the area you want to protect.
  • Do not set it at a place under direct sunlight or near water as this product is for indoor use only.
  • It’s a plug in unit. There is a socket at the base of the unit
  • Controls on the Device :
    1. 3 Color LEDs : OFF/ON
    2. LED strobe : Rotation or Flash
    3. Ultrasonic Waves – Sweep Frequency/OFF/Fixed + Sweep. If sweep is selected, ultrasonic waves will be emitted only when rodent motion is detected around the device. Its best adviced to keep the setting on Fixed+Sweep.

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Pestrol 360 degree pest repeller

Pestrol 360° Pest Repeller