Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller


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Repel a variety of animals such as Cats, Dogs, Birds, possums, Mice, Rats, Rabbits, Ferrets and much more.

The Elite Solar Repeller has a detection range up to 25 metres and you can install it in Gardens, boats, decks, roofs, farms, driveways, boats etc.

1 year warranty.


Why Choose Elite Solar Yard Repeller?

  • It has a detection range of up to 25 meters which means it covers a large area
  • Effective against pests such as cats, dogs, birds, possums, mice, rats, rabbits, ferrets and much more
  • Solar Powered device, environmentally friendly
  • Comes with rechargeable batteries pre-installed in the back of the device
  • Simple to install — comes with a plastic pole as well as screws for easy mounting of the device
  • Elite Solar Yard Repeller uses Ultrasonic technology and an LED strobe to repel the pests
  • One of the most popular repellers we sell
  • Great for moored yachts and boats

How does the Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller Work?

The Elite Solar Yard Repeller uses 4 technologies for its functioning. Ultrasonic sounds, sonic sounds, PIR motion sensor & LED light. Modes are clearly defined at the back of the device. If you want to repel birds then the device can be set to emit predatory bird sounds to scare birds away from your roof or garden. There is a specialised mode to repel cats, dogs, possums and other large animals. The ultrasonic mode is used to repel all kind of pests. Whenever the pest enters the detection range of the Elite yard repeller, it will be frightened by the strong LED light as well as high-frequency Ultrasonic sounds.

The motion sensor will activate when animals move into its coverage area; it will activate for 8-12 seconds once motion is detected. The device will then enter a period of deactivation for around 5-8 seconds before it can be triggered again.

How to Assemble & Install the Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller:

  • The device comes with 2 stakes, which can be put on one another to increase the height of the device. Using the included pole, it can be easily set up in gardens or lawns.
  • The packaging also includes a mount and screws so that if required, you can hang the device on the wall.
  • It is important that the device be placed in such a way that it gets an ample amount of sunlight to fully charge. Batteries can be used as a back up.
  • The device can detect animals up to 25 meters, the coverage is 90 degrees vertically and is 145 degrees horizontally.

Switches & Their Functions :

MODE: Bird Repeller (17 predatory bird sounds), Large Animal Repeller (9 distress sounds), Ultrasonic, OFF
LED STROBE: 24 Hours, Night
VOLUME: H(high), M(medium), L(low)

  • Fixed – Ultrasonic sound waves are produced continuously, the motion sensor is deactivated
  • Sweep – Ultrasonic sounds are produced when an animal comes in range of the Elite Solar Yard Repeller
  • Fixed + Sweep – Different Ultrasonic sounds are produced at regular intervals or when an animal comes into range

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