Pestrol Thorny Devil Fence Spikes (45cm)


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Stop animals like Cats, Possums, and Birds damaging your garden.
Thorny devil spikes can easily be installed on the fence or anywhere you want to discourage the animals causing damage.

Price quoted is per 45cm unit.

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Pestrol Thorny Devil Fence Spikes are a great way to keep your pets in and other pests out. Ideal for keeping cats, possums, birds, wild animals and rodents from climbing over and along your walls and fences. The sharp spikes cause such animals as Cats, Possums, and Birds discomfort without causing them harm. As a result, the animals avoid the areas where the spikes are placed!

These spikes can be easily installed to wood, iron, and PVC fences, and are paint-able, flexible, and non-flammable.

These spikes are also sold for security control. Fence spikes or security spikes can be used to control people and animals unnecessarily climbing over into your property.
Companies or customers who require larger quantities, please call Pestrol on 0800 88 88 44 or e-mail us at  sales@pestrol.co.nz  for quotation on larger orders.

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Thorny Devil Cat Spike

Pestrol Thorny Devil Fence Spikes (45cm)