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Effective way to humanely catch Possums is here!

  • Tough Build for durability and to ensure both your safety and that of the trapped animal.
  • The device is easy to assemble and use. Just follow the simple instructions and tips provided and voila, you are good to go!

The Pestrol Possum trap is equipped to catch a range of pests including:

  • Possums
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Rats
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Features of the Possum/Cat Trap by Pestrol:

  • All Possum cages are built to super tough, professional standards
  • Simple to bait.
  • Easy to assemble – No additional tools required.
  • Strong mesh surrounds the bait area to ensure possum/cat enters the trap first and then gets the food
  • The handle at the top of the trap is shielded so that you can conveniently take the possum back into the wild.
  • The trap is made from durable galvanized wire with a matte finish for extra strength and corrosion resistance

Assembling the Possum/Cat Trap:
Video instructions:

The trap arrives folded flat, using the below instructions it can be easily folded into position and ready to use.

  • Cable ties need to be cut so that possum trap can be expanded open.
  • On holding the possum trap by the top handle, slowly pull up the trap allowing it to fall in place. Make sure both doors on either side are pushed down.
  • Pull down the two sets of ‘U’ shaped support arms and fix them into the fixing clips located on each side of the trap. If you find the support arms do not stay firmly in the fixing clips, use your fingers or pliers to squeeze the fixing clips closed to secure the support arms.
  • The traps should now be ready to connect the trap floor to the footplate.
  • The curled bottom end of the Trip Plate Rod should be connected to the Trip Plate.

Tips and tricks:

  • Place the trap on a flat even surface. If possible place the trap against a wall or building or in a path commonly used by the animal.
  • The trap can be baited by opening the rear door and placing food about 2-3cm from the rear door. Do not place bait on the trip plate. Place the bait in a position that will force the animal to step on the Trip Plate.
  • It is often beneficial to camouflage the trap with materials normally found in the trapping area such as vegetation, sackcloth, boxes etc. If camouflaging/hiding the trap ensure materials do not interfere with the operation of the trap parts.
  • Check the trap regularly to ensure trapped animals are in good condition.
  • Choosing bait: Possums eat a variety of different food such as rodents, insects, worms, etc, however, they also like canned pet food, apples, bananas, and even bread are our recommendations for the best possum bait. So, go for anything you have in your kitchen pantry and you will certainly get great results.

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