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3 x Solarmate LED Lights

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3x SolarMate LED Light with PIR Sensor

A amazing LED light for outside lights for pathways steps etc.

12 month warranty and anticipated life up to 10 years.

  • Solar Powered
  • Motion Activated
  • Super Bright
  • Zero Electricity Cost
  • Long Lasting
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Auto-adjusting Working Mode
  • Cordless Install
  • Built to last outside
  • Just push the button to start.
  • Fully automatic


Working Mode

  • This is a totally automatic lamp with auto-adjusting working mode.
  • Operates at 50% mode until the sensor is activated automatically and the lights turns to 100% brightness.
  • Push the button to turn on the lamp.
  • Fully charged, the lamp will last 4-5 Nights
  • Standby time: 140 hours
  • Easily attach to fence or post.

This is one of the best LED lights for outside that I have tested.. Tired of buying  outside LED lights that last 4-6 weeks and then stop working. 

Very bright light

John Fennell MD


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SALE - SolarMate LED Light X3


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