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  • Pestrol 360 Ultrasonic Animal Repeller
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  • -15%Centrifugal Water Pump
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  • -20%Watermate 1000L Rainwater Collection Tank
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  • -12%Pestrol Insect Killer Super Package
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  • Pestrol Mosquito Eater Outdoor Trap
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  • Pestrol Insect Killer 185g Refill Can
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Home & Living

  • -20%Bed Bug Steamer
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  • Solar LED Light Butterfly 3.2W
  • Click To Clean – Boat Cleaner
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  • green Assassin 2l
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  • -50%
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Pest Control

  • -20%S3 Narrow base bird spikes
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  • Out of stock
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  • -20%
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  • Crazzycap water bottle Package Sappire
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  • Nikwax Tent Solarproof
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  • natures first aid skin lotion 125ml
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  • ENO Double nest hammock navy olive
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Health & Beauty

  • Shower Magic Filter
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  • -13%Pure Magic Water Distiller
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Shop Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Pest Control, Outdoors & more. New Zealand’s popular online store with a range of products being added every day including Health, Supplements, Pest Control, Pet Products, Beauty, Water Distillers, Moss & Mould Treatment, Sanitisation, Breathalysers, Rodent Control, Rabbit Control, Lighting, Weed Killers, Outdoors, Camping, Cleaning & more – Get fast shipping, get great service, and more…

Pest Control under the Pestrol brand has been a major focus for us in the last 10 years, however we are supplying kiwis with much much more. 

With new products being added to our range daily, be sure to browse our ever growing range of products.

Blog Post Shower Filter

How bad really is Chlorine?

After spending way too much of our income on achieving the perfect shiny locks and summer ready tan, the thought of washing away all that goodness

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