Moss and Mould In Winter: Symptoms, Prevention and Cure

Although they grow in almost similar environments, moss and mould are two very different kinds of lifeforms. Moss is a simple plant while mould is a fungus distantly related to the mushroom. Fungi belong to a special class of living organisms that share similar characteristics with both plants and animals.

Unlike moss, mould does not require light to grow and will, therefore, grow even in dark places. Although they are an all-year problem, most indoor growths of moss and mould tend to happen in the winter when ventilation is limited due to the cold temperatures.

Both moss and mould cause organic materials to decompose and can cause serious damage to your house, furniture, clothing and other organic items stored in places with high humidity. In addition to this, mould and moss can also destroy the aesthetic of property when they grow on it.

Mould is also a health hazard as inhaling air contaminated with mould spores can cause respiratory allergic reactions among some individuals. People experiencing an allergic reaction to mould will display symptoms that include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing, stuffy nose, and throat, skin and eye irritations. (Source:

Identifying a mould or Moss problem

Detecting a mould or moss growth is not difficult, and you can rely on your senses to do so. The first thing you will notice is a musty odour. You will also notice either of the two growing on walls and damp organic materials in the house.

Watermarks on your walls and ceiling are also a tell-tale sign of a moss or mould problem.


As with any other problem, avoiding it in the first place is the best way of controlling it. Some of the things you can do to protect your home or office from moss and mould include:

  1. Drying wet materials quickly. With the right conditions, moss and mould will grow in just a few days. Avoid leaving wet items such as clothes inside the house. Occasional-use items such as camping gear and winter clothes should be thoroughly dried before storage.
  2. Installing enough ventilation. Use exhaust fans that vent outside for your bathroom, kitchen and clothes dryer.
  3. Fixing leaky roofs, plumbing, and walls to keep moisture out.
  4. Increasing airflow inside your home. Remove furniture away from walls, leave your closet doors open and keep other confined spaces such as basements and attics ventilated.
  5. Using a dehumidifier or air conditioner to keep humidity levels below 50%.

How to get rid of moss and mould

If moss and mould have already colonised your property, using professional moss and mould control products can help get rid of them safely. Our moss and mould control solutions include:

The Spray and Go TURBO Application

This easy to use spray takes the hassle out of the task of controlling moss and mould. With this product, all you need to do is attach your regular garden hose and you are ready to go. Spray the area you need to treat and let the weather do the rest. Its formulation will get rid of all moss or mould in the target area and keep it protected for at least 12 months. It’s effective and safe for both humans and children.


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