Pestrol Insect Killer 185g Refill Can
Pestrol Premium Refill Can 185g

Pestrol Premium Refill Can 185g


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  • Premium Insect Killer
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Contains Natural Pyrethrins
  • Safe to use in the kitchen
  • Safe around children & pets
  • Best solution for common house flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, fleas, moths etc.
(34 customer reviews)

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Features :

  • The nozzle at the top of sprayer makes it easy to fit into Pestrol Dispensers
  • Effective against flies, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, plus other crawling or flying insects
  • Our premium insect repellent includes 100% Natural Pyrethrin to repel insects
  • Pestrol insect sprays are designed to repel insects, but if they decide to stay, they die.
  • Ozone safe and bio degradable in sunlight
  • Safe to use around children and pets

Pyrethrins are a class of organic compounds normally derived from Chrysanthemum flowers, which have potent insecticidal properties. These work by effectively targeting the nervous systems of insects.

This Pestrol Premium product is safe to use around children and pets, as well as being a gentle alternative for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. Say goodbye to unwanted insects all year round!

34 reviews for Pestrol Premium Refill Can 185g

  1. Glenys (verified owner)

  2. Tasha (verified owner)

    Best stuff out.

  3. Sandra McCullough (verified owner)

    Love this flyspray, 100% more efficient than any in the supermarket. Love the products Lifestyle have to offer for pest control and love the super fast service, thanks guys!

  4. Ted Jordan (verified owner)

    Very hard to get in to dispenser. Very good delivery serviced

  5. Susan S. (verified owner)

    Great quick service.

  6. Deborah Twigley (verified owner)

    Great product and price

  7. Sue (verified owner)

  8. Lyn Hayes (verified owner)

  9. Dave Sharp (verified owner)

  10. Lorraine (verified owner)

  11. Serena V. (verified owner)

    Thank you, delivery is always fast

  12. Karen (verified owner)

  13. Victor H. (verified owner)

    Still gives good results

  14. Maureen H. (verified owner)

    Doesn’t trigger asthma. No residual smell. Kills anything that comes into the house.

  15. Rochelle O. (verified owner)

    Best product on the market

  16. Adrian B. (verified owner)

    works a treat

  17. Jan Dimmendaal (verified owner)

  18. Trish Marsh (verified owner)

    The product is the best and most effective i have ever used. Been using for several years now. Service was prompt. Website easy to use. Thankyou

  19. Lynne Gardner (verified owner)

    All good. They have been delivered. Thank you

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Purchased another brand and had to throw it away as the spray was so strong it was objectionable. Purchased Pesirol and I don’t have any flies plus there is very little odour.

  21. Michele B. (verified owner)

    Super fast delivery and well packaged.

  22. Maria Haskell (verified owner)

    The Pestrol Insect Repellent is great. I have used it for years. I know it works because the only time I see an insect e.g. spider, ant, fly, is when the can runs out or the batteries go flat. I like how it nearly has no smell at all. One can covers my whole place and I can leave doors and windows open.
    You have to be careful where you place the dispenser, as the liquid can eat into paint etc. I put my dispenser on top of fridge with a tray underneath. When I had the dispenser on the wall, I had a metal tray behind it.
    The staff at Pestrol are very helpful.

  23. Gary Falkner (verified owner)

  24. Sue (verified owner)

  25. Drew (verified owner)

    It works. That’s all!

  26. Serena (verified owner)

  27. Linda (verified owner)

  28. Angela Morley (verified owner)

  29. Sharlene (verified owner)

    I’m a marketer, you need to add a question here! What are you reviewing? The price, the ease of purchase, the fit for purpose? I have assumed the latter.

  30. Colin Pollitt (verified owner)

    Product arrived this time without dangerous goods fuss experienced in the past

  31. Leanne Hird (verified owner)

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

  33. Lorraine C. (verified owner)

    I have used this product to keep our home fly and bug free for more than 5 years. These refill cans for the pestrol dispencer are easy to install. It is a reliable and cost effective way to keep the fly’s out of my home. Ordering the refill cans on line and having them delivered to my door is so convenient. I normally buy multiple cans and receive a few free therefore it brings the unit price down. Great company to deail with. Thank you.

  34. melsandben

    We’ve always used Pestrol products and swear by them. We tried various other brands before finding Pestrol and all of them were unsatisfactory. The Pestrol system not only does the job but we don’t have to worry about the health of our kids when using it…so thank you for that. Keep up the good work.

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