Moss & Mould

Spray and Go is a fast Moss, Mould, Mildew & Lichen Killer. Up to twice as strong as competitors and also protects against regrowth for up to 12 months or more. Green Assassin contains 100% natural products that are guaranteed to kill weeds without causing any environmental harm.

How to choose the right Moss & mould product?

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  • 2L electric-sprayer
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Need help choosing right product for your Moss & Mould problem?

Our Moss & Mould range and weed killer are biodegradable & bleach free. Results visible in 24 hours.

Spray & Go Premium 5L  –

5 liters of concentrate makes 30 liters of spray, it will cover up to 300 sqm.

Available in 20 L bottle as well.

Spray & Go Turbo 2 L

Special application attachment on the bottle, Simply attach your garden hose and start spraying the area you wish to treat.

2.5 times more concentrated as compared to Spray & Go Premium.

Deck Buster 5 L

Great for cleaning and rejuvenating timber decking. You can apply with a sprayer or directly from a bucket with a broom.

5 liters makes 30 liters of spray which covers upto 300sqm.

Green Assassin Weed Killer

Non-Toxic, Biodegradable solution to weed growth. Ingredients of Green Assassin are based on naturally renewable resources.

Get rid of pesky weeds within 90 minutes.

4 liters of concentrated weed killer makes 60 liters of solution.