Controlling stray cats won’t be a problem with the Pestrol range of effective deterrents available.

Cats make lovable pets but stray cats entering your property can be a nuisance and can cause all sorts of mess. Check out our range of Pestrol stray cat control products.

How to choose the right Cat product?

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Need help choosing right product for your stray cat problem?

Electronic Devices to repel cats

Pestrol Elite Solar Yard Repeller – Perfect for sun lit areas

Solar powered, Rechargeable battery backup, 25m of detection range, covers a vertical and horizontal angle too, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel cats, flashing LED strobe lights affect the birds too.

Indoor/Outdoor Bird Repeller – Perfect for areas where there’s not much sunlight

Mains plugin unit, also has a battery backup, 20m of detection range, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel cats.

Pestrol Solar Compact Pest Repeller – Perfect for covering small areas like mainly veggie beds etc.

Solar Powered, rechargeable battery backup, detection range of 5-6m, makes ultrasonic/sonic sounds to repel cats.

Solar Water Jet Repeller – Perfect to repel cats with spray of water

Solar powered, rechargeable battery backup, 10m detection range, spurts water in intervals whenever cat is in its range.

Physical Discomfort to cats

Pestrol Cat Spikes

Strong reliable Polypropylene material, can be cut for any purpose, easy to install on roofs, signs, walls, fences, trees, gates, poles, posts, railings.

Pestrol Bendy Cat Spikes

Clever hinged design allows each strip to follow the contours of a shaped surface such as a beveled top rail of a fence or simply fit to a flat surface.

Stop animals like Cats, Possums, and Birds damaging your garden.

Trap a Stray Cat

Cat Trap

The Pestrol Possum trap is equipped to catch a range of pests including Possums, Cats, Rabbits, Rats.