Pestrol provides an effective range of products to control moths. Moths can often be found in your pantry or in closets and they eat food and destroy clothing.

How to choose the right Moth product?

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Showing all 24 results

Need help choosing right product for your Moth problem?

Natural Products by Pestrol :

Pestrol Premium Insect Spray Cans – 185 gm, 150 gm, 312 gm size

NZ made product, contains natural pyrethrins, safe to use in kitchen, keeps common house flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, flees, moths etc away.

Buy 1 Dispenser + 1 Can here >

1 Dispenser + 6 Cans2 Dispensers + 6 Cans deals here.

Pestrol Dispenser fits 185 gm refill can size only.

Orange Guard –

  • Made of plant extracts, biodegradable
  • For use in kitchens, gardens, organic production and in healthy homes
  • Works for ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, moths.

Pestrol Mosquito Traps – Waterproof outdoor devices for your house

Pestrol Dominator – Perfect for bigger properties upto 1-2 acre area

Its most effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects like midges, moths, flies, asian beetles and sandflies.

Powerful LED bulb, CO2 produced by the device, powerful suction fan altogether function to attract these flying insects.

Pestrol Terminator – Perfect for house size upto 1500 sq m

Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito Trap which is perfect solution for your residence against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

Powerful LED bulb, CO2 produced by the device, powerful suction fan altogether function to attract these flying insects.

Pestrol Exterminator – Perfect for house size upto 1000 sq m

Indoor/Outdoor Mosquito trap which is the perfect solution for your flying insect problems at home!

Powerful LED bulb and powerful suction fan function together to attract these flying insects.

Pestrol Sleep Easy – Mozzies inside bedroom

  • Powered by USB
  • Sleep easy is a small unit with elegant built.
  • Sundown Sensor on the device activates the mosquito trap as soon as the room goes dark.
  • The unit has an additional feature of LED night light and ambience light.

We advise you to use Octenol attractants with Pestrol Dominator, Pestrol Exterminator & Pestrol Solar Mosquito Zapper. These lures contain pheromones to attract female biting mosquitoes to the units.

For Pestrol Terminator, RapidAction lures work the best.

Solar Mosquito Zapper – Perfect to take camping or just hang it in backyard

Solar powered unit, powerful light attracts mozzies and the unit just zaps them and collects in the bottom catchment area.

Pestrol Indoor Fly Trap

UV light to attract the flies/moths, strong glue-board inside the device kills them.

Pestrol Solar Insect Crop Protector – Perfect to protect your guavas and other fruit crops

With a new and highly advanced LED light that runs of the inbuilt quality solar panels that store the power through the Li-ion battery collection system. The unit will light up from Dusk till Dawn to attract insects so that they crash into the  transparent board.

The Solar insect killer bottom is fulled with water. The Moths/Insect will enter into the water and die.

Sticky Traps for different type of moths

NoPests Clothes Moth Trap

The NoPests Clothes Moth traps are designed to attract moths with the pheromone lure.

Once the moths enter the trap, the moths get caught on the non-drying glue coated within the inside of the traps themselves.

NoPests Pantry Moth Trap

Designed to be used in kitchen cupboards, use the adhesive strip to fasten the traps to the desired surface or free standing when folded.

Traps are effective against the Indian Meal Moth, Tobacco Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth, Raisin Moth, and Almond Moth.

NoPests Codling Moth Trap

A pheromone lure is placed inside the trap which attracts the insects to the trap. Once entered, they are then stuck to the powerful non-drying adhesive coating the interior of the trap.

Control Moths using Insecticides

NoPests Bug Spray – Indoors/Outdoors

NoPests® Bug Spray has a knockdown, residual and repellent activity against most insect species such as fleas, flies and spiders.

Sumiblast – Knockdown spray

Residual control spray for household insects such as ants, carpet beetles, cockroaches, fleas, flies, millipedes, mosquitoes, adult moth and moth larvae, silverfish, spiders, and wasps.