Rat Trap

Humane Rat Traps: Catch And Release

Rats are some of the most annoying animal pests that could set up base in your home. They will not only eat your food but also damage property as they gnaw through your stuff. They also pose a serious fire risk once they start eating off the insulation on your power cables. They cause a lot of ruckus and in some cases pose the risk of disease transmission. It is for these reasons that one should move swiftly to stop a rat infestation; nipping it in the bud before it explodes to serious proportions.

There are many ways to kill a rat as the old saying goes: but that is not the only solution to your rat problems. There are other humane ways of controlling rats. The best alternative and most humane method of controlling rats being the use of traps. Once captured, you can let them free, away from your house without harming them.

How rat traps work

A rap trap is a simple device that attracts rats using baits. They can either use a locking mechanism to lock in rats that go into the trap or have a ‘bottleneck’ entry so that they cannot squeeze their way out once they get inside the trap.

Traps that use ‘bottleneck’ entries are especially effective as they can trap more than one rat at a time. The Pestrol Rat Multi Catch is one such device. Its large design enables it to capture up to twenty rats. This is the most humane way of getting rid of rats.

Benefits of using rat traps

  1. They offer a viable alternative for rat control in areas where dead rats cannot be tolerated.
  2. They come in handy for control where chemical pesticides are not allowed.
  3. Rat traps eliminate the risk of rats dying and decomposing in hard to reach areas.
  4. Other untargeted animals such as pets will not fall victim to this method of control.
  5. Rat traps enable easy disposal of trapped rats.


The rat trap is arguably the best rat control method available. It is easy to set up, friendly to non-targeted animals and will preserve the life of rats if you do not wish to kill them.

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benefits of using rat traps



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